Prayers to face bad phase of life

by Vrinali (India)

O God I have come to you on this Monday morning for all difficulties which I am facing in ,y family life with my parents ,my career ,my relationship my job.

God head of my family my papa is suffering from prolonged illness og right ankle pain please heal him my mummy is looking after him day and night please keep her in good health our parents stay at a different place and me and my brother at different place please take care of both our homes also take care of our daily meals which we cook at home.

I am giving exams of ibps and other exams God on 5 Dec I am having my entrance exams please guide me in my exams .I am giving it the 5th time I have cleared it 2 times both but I fail in end.God I want to pass this time please God do some miracle for me I am working very hard but still I fail need to clear this exams in any condition to get good job.

God I broke up with my partner in month of March I was moved emotionally at that time.God I trusted him blindly now that I have learned a lesson keep me strong always and not to go to hi again.

God my parents are looking for my marriage please they are very innocent people they easily trust anyone my papa has not gone outside house for may be a year or more now.All are relatives have broken relationship with us because my dad had serious illness.Please be with my family may the person whom I am going to marry is a trustworthy and truthful loyal person good by heart and mind.God you know how I recovered from my break up with your name I cannot take anymore tension now.

I went to every God but all have only heard my cry and seen my tears a person told me about Jesus now I have come to you with hope at all my problems and worries would be taken care by you.

I am having ball balder stone issue since last year this month December we are taking reports my my reports are all clear and my body is free from pains and diseases.I am losing my hair in tension face is getting upset eyes are in tears smiles have just vanished please God entire life my family has taken so many hardships throw your light on my family and please knock our dooe of happiness and good health for ever.

Take care of my brother he is having his university exams keep in good health.

God keep my family out from all evils .


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