Prayers to all the love of my life..

by Mary (Bruxelles)

Dear Lord I submit myself to You and your son Jesus Christ to find happiness and proceed in the future with the fulfillment of the desires of my hearth. You helped me and my family several times and I am thankful o Lord. I am asking You for a husband in my life…

I want to be free by all the lust and passion…and temptations..please grant my sister and my brother with the right companion..make my parents proud of all the 3 of Us by being blessed with grandchildren. I want to pray for my parents that I love more than anything, protect and bless them with health.

God please help me tomorrow with my test…that I may pass it in other to be more helpful.. I pray for my friends..enlight their heart, for my enemies that they may grant me peace and understanding…for all the people in this world…and to my future lovely husband that He may find me..and we may spend our life together and ever.

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