Prayers of WAR

by Keena H Smith ()

I am a website called and it’s there I have my poetry and have place in a few of their contests. A desire of my heart is to have my own book of poetry to be printed and published and to be on the New York Times’ Bestseller List. Please pray that this happen. I also have another manuscript on my computer entitled, ‘An Explosion of Conflict’ which will help women who have experienced all the things I have and let them know how the Most High God kept me and brought me through. I also have an internet blog. Please pray for the success of all three of these endeavors and that the LORD God Almighty use these for His glory and His will. My stimulus payment has still not come in, and yes, my cable has been turned off and I am afraid that my electricity is next, and then I will be evicted. I also request prayer in these areas as well. Another desire of my heart is for friends so that I will not continue to sit alone and be lonely in my apartment day in and day out as this is not a good thing for me. This gives place to the Devil, who, as we all know hates me. Thank you for your prayers and supplications and your concerns.

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