Prayers needed for restoration

by Julie (Ga)

Prayer warriors, I need your help!! Would you please join together in agreement and prayer on my behalf? My faith and trust in my Heavenly Father is unwavering but I am so weary now. I am feeling humiliated, defeated, and really sad right now. PLEASE pray that Our God will act swiftly and answer my cry.

I’ve been trusting, praying, and waiting in faith for so long. I will continue to wait for him and trust him but need to be encouraged in knowing others ate praying for me also. Please pray that God will remove all obstacles and move every mountain that stands in the way of being with the man I love. He loves me also but there are so many troubles beyond our control that only the Lord can resolve.

Please pray for some complete resolve in this and that God will renew my strength and patience and that he will give Danny the courage, strength, and faith to make this relationship successful. Please pray that he will have the determination to pursue this relationship stronger than before as his hope is restored. Pray for God’s undeserved favor on our relationship in Jesus’s name!