Prayers needed for my grandson, Aiden

by Dennise (Iowa)

Lord God, I pray to you to ask for justice for Aiden and his mom. He is just a little boy that is in the midst of a unstable home with his dad. There is gross instability, drugs, domestic abuse, multiple relationships, lies and deception around him and he is struggling between good and evil. As a result he is having behavioral issues at school and struggling to fit in. His mom is struggling to find anyway possible to get him help to deal with the poor choices of his father. The pleads in courts have fallen on deaf ears and he continues with his evil ways against multiple people. I have prayed for repentance for the wrongdoer, but that has yet to be answered. I know you are a just God and that the abuser will be brought to justice. As yet another court date approaches, I ask that you gather a village together to bring him to justice and protect the innocent child. I pray that you will place your judgement upon him swiftly and accordingly. Meanwhile give us the sure confidence that You will do what is right and good; let us entrust the evil done against innocent people into Your sovereign hand, and with that, let us be content.

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