Prayers needed for 28 year old woman dying in isolation

by Kate W ()

We are in desperate need of prayers for my sister in law, Stephanie. She is a 28 year old music teacher and wife to my brother, William. She was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma (cancer) 2 years ago, just after becoming engaged to my brother. They rushed their wedding shortly after her diagnosis, because she wanted to have her hair and wear a dress, in case everything got really bad. They were wed in May, 2018, just 2 months after diagnosis. She’s had many rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery, and ended up losing her leg last year. She’s been so strong through everything and has so many hopes and dreams that she was fighting to accomplish. Likewise for our family, Stephanie has been the best thing that’s ever happened in my brother’s life. He loves her unconditionally and has been at her side every step of the way. They had hopes of beating this and having children or adopting, and I desperately wish that they could have had that.

After losing her leg last February, she continued chemo for several months, and went into remission for a short time. It was then discovered in July that the sarcoma spread to her lung. She had more operations and was told in October that she would likely not last more than a month. It was also at this time that her insurance was no longer accepted at the hospital and with the oncologist she’d had all along, and was told that the best option was to go on pain meds and die at home.

After many prayers, a friend of the family brought her to NYC to get another opinion from a top specialist in sarcomas, where it was confirmed terminal, and that the only option was to do chemo and try to keep her comfortable. It was also said that she would likely not make the New Year.

She’s now been on a ventilator 3 times since the New Year, but keeps fighting today, on 4/7/2020. Her spirits were so high at the beginning of the year, and our friends and family have all been praying, but the past day and a half has been even more difficult for everyone.

Until now, she’s been at home with my brother in isolation due to the coronavirus, but due to the tumor in her lung overtaking her entire left lung and most of the right, she could no longer breath and was taken back into hospital last night.

She is now on a ventilator, and my brother and her parents and sister have been kept from visiting her due to the outbreak and restrictions to prevent the spread. She’s held on for so long, and we are devastated that she is now fighting this alone on such borrowed time. It is my belief that angels are with her and that she is not alone, but it would be most devastating to lose her in this manner. My brother has been staying with my parents now and is struggling more than ever to cope with the possibility that she will die alone and that he will never see her again. Our hearts are breaking for them both and for her family.

Prayers are so needed right now for her. Faith is something that I’ve never struggled with, but this feels even more cruel and unfair… We are desperate that she doesn’t end her fight in this way, but know that her strength is being tested even moreso than ever. And it’s not just hers… It is also her parents, her sister and my brother who is struggling to cope with not seeing her through this.

As she has done twice before when placed on a ventilator, it is our greatest hope that she can maintain enough will and God’s strength through prayer to make it through this difficult time in all our lives. We just want Stephanie back home with us in hopes that her time can be surrounded by her loved ones and not alone.

Many thanks to all prayers and blessings to all.

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