Prayers from helping happy success

by Carla (North Carolina)

Please Pray for my ebay business to be successful. I have put alot of work and money into this business. My husband currently spporting me and he is working at a job that is making him so misrable. I would like to help him if my future. He is such a wounderful person and he does not deserve the things he has to put up with. His boss is evil. He treats human beings that are not rich like the are trash. He does not pay my husband what he deserves because we live in a trailer and we are not perfect. He is very unhappy and lost in his life. He can not quit because he is taken care of me. I do not have anyone in my life who can pray for us. I am the only believer in power of pray in my family and my circle of friends. I needed prayers for them as well. I would love to ask my family to pray for me. Jesus saved me from a life of depression and addiction. I am following the direction of my dreams. I would love to do more for people and be a blessing to this world. Thank you brothers and sister of the faith. I appreciate your time and prayers.

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