prayers for work, education and financial needs

by Alejandra (California)

Father almighty

i just really want to thank you for so many blessings. thank you for the air that i breathe, our everyday bread for the opportunity to better myself every day. i sincerely ask for your forgiveness. forgive my sins and all the wrong i have done. heavenly father i really need you in this moment. you’ve blessed me with finding a school that will let me prepare myself as a nurse and you have also blessed me with a job, the job that i have been asking you to grant me so thank you now i ask for strength. i know nothing comes easy and after meeting my boss and manager, i realized i need certain skills to do my job right please grant me those people and communication skills i need to meet my daily sales goal. god you know i need this job to pay for my education. i need your help dessprately. i need you to give me the strength i need for work, for my education, to complete all homeworks and assignments that are given to me, strength for my family and strength in my relationship. please in the name of your son jesus christ take away all my worries, all my insecurities, my stress take it all away and i put myself, this job oppertunity you gave me, my education, my relationship and my financial needs in your hands.

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