Prayers for wisdom, courage and success

by Haruna (Bauchi State Nigeria)

God I give you glory, honour n adoration as d only true living God I worship. Give me d wisdom to administer and manage all d people n d work I do. I need courage n success in all my endeavours. Help me in all my court case n search house and money. Give me a house DAT is my heart desire n let me not make mistake in my choice of house. Manage n direct me on what to say in court tomorrow. Ibdo not know d trap d defence has laid for me me so DAT I get embarrassed but lord you will give me d understanding of the law and it’s applications appropriately in d mighty name of Jesus, amen. Remove all fear, tension and anxieties DAT are disturbing me now. Pls lord give my Babygirl rewarding n good work to do so that she too will earn a living n provide for her needs according to your will. I glorify, worship, n exalts your names as d only true living god I worship.amen.

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