Prayers for the money to pay off my daughter’s dental treatment

by Samantha (Australia)

I pray to God that the money will come to pay off my daughter’s dental treatment. I pray with all my heart that financial blessings will come into our lives and alleviate the financial hardship of the last few years. I pray to the angels to bless my daughter and treat her with dignity when she is at the dentist, even though we have been unable to pay the bill. I pray that she will be happy with her teeth and that there will be no further problems with her health.

I pray to God almighty that life will become easier and that I will find a job where I am valued and paid abundantly for my services. .

I pray for an end to the loneliness I feel, the isolation, the hardship and I pray to God that I may use my experiences to help ease the suffering of others. I pray for a sense of purpose to my life.

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