prayers for the many obstacles in my life to get better

by Ernica (New York)

Please I pray to you for help. I am not working due to my health problems which it is a long list of. I am trying to help my mom by giving her rent but I am not receiving no income. I have look for assistance under housing and so on. between my mom and me always arguing about money. I want to help her in so many ways that she is not stress because she cant pay the bills on her fix income. My boyfriend looking for a good job and really looking hard for one. I am stress on my loans debt and another bills that I cant sleep and so tried due to my health. I just don’t know what to do.I just hope my health gets better that I can have children. I went to the doctor and they advice me not to have children and that hurt me so much. I have a miscarriage seven years ago. I just need your help because my situation is too overwhelming. thank you in Jesus name. amen

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