Prayers for the 13th and the 16th Please

by Carol (PA)

Could you please add my son, Dan to the prayer list again for good results for two other opinions for upcoming surgery needed to repair his spinal column that was compromised through two other surgeries which were done incorrectly?

I know how badly skeptical he is with the thought of getting yet another surgery because of the lies and incompetency of other surgeons. He desperately needs to have the Lord place some sort of trust or feeling of competency of one of the neurosurgeons he is seeing. We travel 3-1/2 hours to see one in Philadelphia on Friday, March 13th and then back to the other side of Philadelphia on Monday, March 16th.

I am handing this over to God as everything I say is causing my son to become agitated with me as he feels I cannot comprehend the amount of pain and fear within him because he feels that his entire life has been changed and it will never again be whole and happy.

I believe that the severe pain he is in is clouding his thought process and once the pain is gone, he will be able to work to get back his life even if it is not the same, it can be better.

I thank you for the ability to ask for prayers.

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