Prayers for strength in helping my daughter deal with her anxiety

by Charlene (Massachusetts)

My sweet sweet daughter called me from work this morning in the middle of a panic attack. I did my very best to get her through this panic attack and by the end of the brief 5-minute call she told me she was feeling much better. Within 15 minutes of our call she texted me that she was feeling 90% better.

I am now alone, at home, dealing with this feeling of fear that she will continue to suffer these attacks. I worry so often about her anxiety, and work so hard with prayer and counseling to get a grip on it, but today is a very hard day for me. I feel overwhelmed with fear that her life will be full of anxiety and I don’t always feel like I can overcome these feelings even though I pray daily and attend weekly counseling.

I am asking for prayers today for the strength to continue supporting her with love and empathy for her struggles with anxiety.

I am also asking for prayers for my sweet daughter so that she finds the strength to try and get the help she needs for her anxiety. I know I can not force her to get help, I just need prayers that she will face her anxiety and find the help she needs.

A devoted mother,

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