Prayers for strength, comfort and peace…

by T.L.C. (Chicago,IL)

Can I please ask you all to pray for my friend Tina and her husband Mark and his family. Mark just turned 40 but when he was a teen had heart surgery and they knew they would have to do it again sometime. Unfortunately his Drs did not catch it in time this time around and all of his organs are now shutting down. He was sent home from the hospital last Friday on Hospice. He has not eaten in weeks and it it has been a couple days since he has drank anything.

Please pray that Mark has a peaceful passing and that he can “let go” soon to go HOME to be with God our Father. That Tina, finds comfort in knowing that he is no longer suffering. That his parents and siblings find comfort and peace in their memories of him. Also that God gives them strenght in each other to get through the coming days, weeks and longer. Lastly, please pray that I can be the friend she needs during this… I do not know what to say or do and am afraid I will bungle things up!!
Thank you all for your support! God bless

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