Prayers for stability and serenity

by Jackie (Ca)

I thank you for the blessings in my life, I thank you for my beautiful home, my beautiful children, our beautiful pets, and our beautiful family, thank you God. I ask for help in keeping my blessings so that my children, pets, and I do not have to struggle to keep them.

I ask you God for the tools I need to keep my blessings if it is your will. I am doing it on my own and I do not want my children to go without basic necessities in their lives because I do have good kids God. I ask for you dear Lord to please bring to my path the tools I need to keep my blessings, find happiness, and comfort for my family.

Dear God I ask for prayers for the father of my children to find emotional and physical recovery so that he can put his children before any addictions in his life. I pray for his recovery and his emotional stability so that he can glue back his relationships with our children. Dear God I ask you to work inside of me so that I can forgive my ex for all the emotional hurt we caused each other for 19 years. I pray that I can one day forgive him 100% so that the next man does not suffer because of my past hurts. I ask you God to please help me learn to choose my battles with him and I pray that one day we can get along as friends for the sake of our children. But God I ask you to please watch over him and take care of him as best you can because I still worry about him.

Dear God I also ask for the miracle of unconditional love from a good man that will be a good male father figure for my children and a trustworthy companion. I have been dissapointed in love for so long my dear God, that I do not know what unconditional love is from a man. I am surrounded with love as a mother, sister, and friend but God, as a woman, I yearn love, intimacy, and companionship from a good man. Please work in me to have patience with finding this man, and please lead me away from bad temptations my Dear Lord. I ask for forgiveness in my bad choices God, please forgive me. I ask you God to please lead me to the right man who I will spend the rest of my life with, that will love my children unconditionally as his own, and a man that my children will accept and respect as a male role model. Please give me patience my Dear God. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts I love you God. Amen