prayers for sandy, randy, tucker, bugsy & lexy

by Sandra (Baltimore Md)

please pray for us we have many bills randy desperately needs his teeth fixed and so do I randy has lawsuits against him for being out of work we have medical bills randy has no health insurance we can,t afford it we are always worried and in fear how we will pay everything randy is not happy with his job he hasn,t had a raise in a very long time sandy has had many troubles with her job we need help and god,s guidance we need a financial miracle my husband was at work and was attacked by a dog and had to get 20 stiches we filed a lawsuit but nothing came of it but more medical bills for us and no money to pay them we just want to be happy healthy and secure to be ablr to pay our bills and have peace of mind we have no life insurance sandy (me ) has dreams of having my own business with fashion interior decorating writing but don,t know what to do or how todo anything with it always have so much on my mind please help us all tucker bugsy and lexy are our 2 dogs and cat we have no children but them they mean everything to us and I am fighting with my best friend who has hurt me very much I just want everything to work out for us all dear god in heaven please hear me and help us thank you and amen

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