Prayers for restored faith & a life partner

by Michelle ()

Thank you for your prayers they mean a lot to me. I would also like to thank God, St. Rita, my Guardian Angels & all the Saint & Angels I pray to everyday.

I come to you as always seeking an answer to my long & on-going favor. I am so tired, sad, frustrated, angry & hurt. I have no more faith & to be honest not sure why I continue to pray & post. I really need so kind of sign or answer to my on going request. I feel like God is punishing me for something I’ve done or this is all a game. I want to engage in the institution of marriage & have a child, but time is not on my side. I have begged, pleaded, prayed, hoped & wished for a very long time to no avail. I have found someone that I want this aspect of my life with more than anything. Please let me finally attain this happiness with Eric that has eluded me for all my life. You know me and you know that person I am. Each day a little piece of me gets broken off because I am so alone in my life. Please help me with Eric. I will do & give anything for this. Please don’t let me continue to live a life alone. Please give me a chance that you have given to so many & even given numerous chances at. Please let it be my turn. I know that I am fortunate in other aspects of my life and I try to pay it forward. As I said you know me, you know my heart & how I truly feel. Please give me a chance with Eric. I can see our future together. I have been praying very hard to St. Rita twice a day my favorite prayer, (amongst so many other prayers I say on a daily basis). Please pray this prayer with me for your own intention and pass along. I have promised to encourage devotion, praise her always, post my favor & a private promise.

Oration To The Saint of The Impossible

O excellent St. Rita, worker of miracles, from thy sanctuary in Cascia, where in all thy beauty thou sleepest in peace, where thy relics exhale breaths of paradise, turn thy merciful eyes on me who suffer and weep! Thou seest my poor bleeding heart surrounded by thorns Thou seest, O dear Saint, that my eyes have no more tears to shed, so much have I wept! Weary and discouraged as I am, I feel the very prayers dying on my lips. Must I thus despair in this crisis of my life? O come, St. Rita, come to my aid and help me. Art thou not called the Saint of the Impossible, Advocate to those in despair? Then honor thy name, procuring for me from God the favor that I ask. (Here ask the favor you wish to obtain.) Everyone praises thy glories, everyone tells of the most amazing miracles performed through thee, must I alone be disappointed because thou hast not heard me? Ah no! Pray then pray for me to thy sweet Lord Jesus that He be moved to pity by my troubles and that, through thee, O good St. Rita, I may obtain what my heart so fervently desires.

(Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, three times.)

Those wishing to offer a novena should repeat this prayer for nine days.

Please let me get a sign this week that Eric & I will be together. I want him as my life partner more than anything.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. Know that I offer up my morning rosary for all your intentions.

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  1. Faith

    You are not alone Jesus is always with you
    Please visit is house every Sunday
    Even if alone
    Re children i pray the Lord makes his will known to you

    In the interim a little girl may need you
    There are a few looking for a big sister
    Part of the big brothers big sisters program
    May not be for you at this time but maybe in the

  2. I'm im prayer with you.

    I also pray the rosary daily offering it to help others who need this prayer. I’m probably not the best example in praying but God knows I do it from my heart. I tend to think that when I pray too many prayers, it can look like doing it just like repetitions. Sometimes, I find a prayer for a different Saint and I pray that too. I join you in prayer. Recently, I learn to put my desire and wishes in the hands of God. That is an idea that leave me exposed to his will.
    Without being able to control my circumstances. I have prayed, I went back to church, I have confessed; as a matter of fact, I have asked to change me to be better.
    I ask for my spouse to be guided back to God and touch my spouse heart to be soften and return to our home. I have asked for the enemy to be kicked out of my home and to kick the enemy of where my spouse is residing now and my spouse’s workplace as well. I also asked to increase my faith and help me be patient waiting for my miracle to happen while I’m preparing myself to that moment in life.

    cbg, from NJ

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