Prayers for relief and mountains to be moved

by Kyndra ()

Please pray for my son who has lost his way and continuously wants to break the rules and has been experimenting with drugs. Which in turn has caused him to constantly lie to me. I pray he know God’s love and find his way back to him.

I pray for the anxiety and stress this situation has brought me as a single parent to ease up and go away. I don’t know how to handle it anymore. I am at my the end of my rope.

I also pray for the relationship I am in with a gentleman to straighten itself out and all of the ugly hurt, pain, brokenness from the past, and complications to be healed immediately.
Satan has a stronghold on many things in this and I am praying against them.

Mountains need to be moved.
I need major changes so all of these things don’t cause my health to go down hill.

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