Prayers for Relationship and Studies

Today,is a new day guide me today that I do not get in any contact with him also I control my emotions and feelings towards .God keep me strong so that I stick to my decision which we both have taken.

God it was very difficult for us because as you know our souls have already met.

Parents happiness is our’s now as we have kept our relationship in front of you show us the way that we do not hurt anyone.

God if you really think this relation should go ahead with beautiful journey of marriage may our parents realise and bring us together in marriage for ever without any negative feelings.

God you only can do miracle for us.Our both hopes are on you only.

God today onwards I am on leave for studies for exam on 5 Dec God let me work hard in these days and pass the exams and get good job in government.

God help me and show in the way you want me to always follow.


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