Prayers for Reconciliation and Rebuilding

by Misty ()

Dear Lord, I pray that you continue to provide me with encouragement, comfort and peace during this time in one of the deepest valleys I have ever know. I know that due to illness, selfishness and other reasons, I have not been an obedient, loving wife. I have used words and actions that have hurt my husband to his very core, leaving him with being beat down so far that he doesn’t know if he can ever love me like he once did, or ever feel the way he once did about me. We both have made mistakes. My patterns kept repeating and he kept assuring myself and everyone else that everything was fine, all while harboring four years of hurt, anger and resentment. Now, I pray for forgiveness from you and him and the chance to reconcile with my husband and rebuild a marriage that is greater than anything we could either hope for. A marriage centered around you, each other and our family and friends. May our issues and our secrets and our relationship be as intimate as our relationship with you. Let neither of us fall victim to anything that is ungodly that tries to separate us from each other or you. Let us keep our hearts and minds open to hear Your words and not the words from our own entanglement and from the world. Help us grow in ourselves, each other and in You. Let us be testimonies of your love for us and your love of marriage and hate of divorce. Bring us back from a place where reconciliation seems to not even be an option. Heal our hurt and our souls and our marriage with the miracles that only you are capable of. You are the great healer. You are the great I am. You are our fortress, our rock and our salvation. Be with us through this trial, help us weather this storm and be reborn as a couple in full commitment to living in your word. Let us use our talents and our earnings to help grow your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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