Prayers for reconciliation and also for peace in the meantime

My wife and I were married for 3.5 years. Together for 6.5.

We had so many hurts and confusion. She dealt with a lot of guilt since we got together when she was separated, not divorced.
Last year, she attempted suicide. She survived after three days in the icu, but that threw my fears and anxieties into a tail spin.
I didn’t lean on God and didn’t believe she could actually change. My children were drastically effected by this as well.
Our divorce was final in June. She wanted to reconcile up to that point.

We have stayed in touch, I’ve also repaired her car for her.

I am trying to reconcile with her now, but her anger had hit an all time high.
I have been seeing a biblical counselor for a couple months and I actually got her there last week. After that she asked for space to heal. Haven’t contacted her since. Waiting for her to contact me. This is stretching me to no end.
I’m asking for prayers for reconciliation and also for peace in the meantime.

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