Prayers for protection and justice


Prayers for forgiveness and repentence for me – protection for my daughter as we may have to go back to family courts, please protect us as we face family court yet again, we need prayers for a judge with discernment and wisdom and free from the corruption.

Let the deception of the last 11 years end and the judge be Godly/rightful/just. Please let the divorce or annulment be finalized quickly after our thwarted attempts for last 11 years.

Please let his and his attorneys lies be revealed as such – may his fraud be revealed, may his wife come forward and admit his deception so this false marriage will ended/be annulled quickly – may this man be revealed as an addict and my God heal him of his addictions and us of our broken hearts/spirits.

May his/his attorney’s threats and lies be fruitless and the wicked not prosper and my daughter and my holdings be kept safe from them as they try to use her as a tool to drag this out again for money and thank you God for providing for us, hold us in Your hands, keep my feet from stumbling again.

Let my daughter receive the 11 years of unpaid support that he has never paid. Keep us safe. I pray that I can be given a spirit of forgiveness for everyone involved as I also ask for forgiveness from God and that God will help us find somewhere safe to live/worship and show us his love and forgiveness and use us to do his will. Let me be as wise as the serpent and gentle as a dove. Let all those in our courts who seek to harm our children fail.

Prayers for all protective parents in the family courts – keep them and all these little children safe from harm, cover them and us with Your Holy Feathers and let the little children draw near unto You Lord! In Jesus’ Holy name!