Prayers for peace, joy, hope,

by Jeremiah (Denver, Colorado)

Father Lord I am lost on life. You are the way and the true vine. Please please Lord show me your hope. Please forgive all my sins and store your holly spirit in my heart. Please help me to be the father, man and husband you created to be. Bless my marriage and my family. Right now we are struggling financially and peace. Please give us your break and favor. Lead us i your light and help us to be the family you wants us to be. Father please do not delay and I put all my trust in your son Jesus. Please release your blessings and hope for me and my family. Specially I pray for the right career and for stable family and financially to be stable. Us us for your purpose and glory. Help us to be blessing to others and please forgive all our sins. Fill us with your holy spit and help us to see your love hope and mercy.. I pray all this in your sons name Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you Lord!

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