Prayers for peace at work

by Valerie ()

Work is stressful again. I tried to professionally argue my way into a promotion yesterday since I have taken on extra work for five months. I was told there wasn’t enough funding. It’s the same line year after year it seems. I’m still applying for other jobs. I sometimes wonder if I’m being lied to. My boss could have tried one more time to ask for an upgrade for my position at the budget meeting (hiring freeze is over) and she didn’t. My boss seemed nonchalant at my being upset. I’m not going to bring it up anymore and just let her be right. I want to keep my job until I get another one that is better and not burn any bridges. Please pray my boss and I can still be on good terms and talk as that means a lot to me. I emailed out sick today just to clear my mind and think of my positive mindset strategy from this point forward. I did miss the admin meeting this morning. Please pray my boss isn’t upset at me over this and that she didn’t have a need to go through my files that still need cleaning up. Please pray that things go smoothly at work from here on out and that I can be on good terms with everyone. I did try calling/texting a friend to vent and I never heard back since the last few texts. Please pray she isn’t mad at me either and that we still chat like usual later on. Thanks everyone!

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