Prayers for Paulie and a Righteous healing

by Rose (San Bernardino, Ca)

Lord. Thank you for healing Paul. Thank you for taking away his pain today. Thank you for eliminating all the bacteria in his blood today. Thank you for letting the antibiotics work. Thank you for keeping his wound clean from here on out untill it closes. Thank you for helping his wound on his knee finally start to close and heal. It was a slow process but with you as his healer all things are possible. Thank you for helping his liver and kidneys work as they are suppose to today. They have not been functioning normal but with you by his side all that has passed too. Thank you for giving him a second chance as his work down here is not finished yet. Thank you for allowing him to be in a nursing home to help and encourage others that are going through very difficult times. He would have never had the opportunity to do so without this very rare sickness happening to him. Thank you for always being on time for Pauls needs. Thank you for complete healing of Paul Lord. Amen

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