Prayers for passing the Nursing Licensure Exam

by Mediante, Trisha Ysobelle Casinabe (Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines)

Lord, as we are going to take the Board Exam, may You be bigger than our fears and doubts. Grace us, oh Lord, with Your loving mercy that we may be able to answer all the questions correctly. May we be able to comprehend all the questions for us to answer the questions from NP1 – NP5 rightfully. May You bless the people who will make the questions of the board with Justice, and peace of mind without any bias, so that we will be avoided from any scandalous or null examinations. Pray for us Lord that we will be confident but humble during the examination day. Help us to remember the things we have learned during our review days for us to be able to answer. May You keep us away from danger and harm as we travel to our exam venues. and may You bless our families who sacrificed a lot for us. That we may be able to make them proud by passing and/or topping the exam, oh Lord. Help us when we feel scared, protect us from thinking negatively. This is all for You, Lord, because we are really nothing without You….. AMEN!

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