Prayers for our mattiafe

by Kathi (Traverse City MI)

Adonai, I so humbly sit at your feet revealing what you already know. I’m asking for my husbands heart to be soft and receptive of the power of the Holy Spirit to enter it and for his mind to be cleared of all that is not of you. Our marriage has been full of lies, deception, accusations and condemnation. My husband shows no fruit of the Holy Spirit and I believe his heart is cold towards you. His words say one thing but his behavior is something else and he has so many people fooled in thinking he adores you.

Father I pray that I’m wrong and I ask you to forgive me for judging him. I ask for forgiveness in not being able to trust him and for being hard on him for his lies and deceipt. Adonai you know my heart is broken yet my faith in you is strong! I do not know where he is tonight and I pray his behavior is honoring you. Lord I love you and trust you to take this worry from me, heal my broken heart and have your will be done.

I cannot handle this pain any longer and I am giving it to you as I know you want me to. Thankyou for being so faithful to me, wretch that I am, and for protecting me this weekend when I need you most. I ask all of this through your son, Jesus Christ.

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