Prayers for my wife

by Jason (Camas, Wa, USA)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all your gifts in my life, my children, my wife, my health, ability to provide for my family and my material possessions.

Lord, I’m the first one to confess, I have not done all I could to live my life as you had intended but I hope and pray that you hear my prayers tonight. As you know, my beloved wife of 22-yrs is facing a health crisis that, at this time, is not explained. Lord, this wonderful woman has given everything of herself to be a great exmple of what every human should strive to be and without strings attached. My wife is the rock in my and my teenage children’s lives. She completes this amazing family and is not deserving of this. I know only you control our future, our destiny and you have a plan. I come to you a lost and broken man asking for your love and compassion in this difficult time. I trust in you and ask you to show us some sign that my beloved wife will pull through this painful challenge.

Lord, this beautiful woman you have blessed me with is my soulmate, and I don’t know what to do. Please ease our fears, grant her the peace and strength she needs. Please comfort and guide us throughout this painful journey. I am not a strong man, Lord without this woman. I’m on my knees at your feet begging for your help. I know you never give us anything in life we can’t handle but this one Lord, I can’t see the way. Please show us the way. Please give my wife her life back. Let her beautiful smile shine in my face. She completes me.

I love and trust you.


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