Prayers for my sons drug addition and finances

by Carol (Cincinnati, Ohio)

For years now my son Adam has struggled with a horrible drug addiction which has been physically,emotionally ,mentally, and financially draining on our family. My prayer request is have Adam restored as he once was before this horrible disease of mental illness and addiction. For him to give his struggle to The Lord and see his true worth in this life. To live a happy,successful,sober life.

I also pray for financial help as we can’t seem to make our bills monthly ,no matter how much we work. Living paycheck to paycheck…and still can’t seem to make it work. So blessed to have good jobs , but praying for some relief. We are all given challenges, this I know. I just pray for these two heavy burdens to be taken from us…in Jesus’ name. St. Jude we pray for your help. Amen

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