Prayers for my son

by Carol (SA Texas)

Please pray for my son who has a drug addiction and mental issues. We have tried everything to help our son to straighten out his life. He doesn’t seem to learn. He has been in jail a handful of times. We have even moved him out of state with us to help him start over. That didn’t last long. We can’t talk to him he won’t listen or seem to care. His girlfriend has tried to help him also but she is ready to give up she can’t handle the abuse and they are expecting in August. Please pray for Kyle to find the right path in life again and to stay away from the bad people that surround him and stay away from drugs and get the help he needs so he can be the man God wants him to be and the father he needs to be. I’m so heartbroken over him and his choices. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all. And God bless my son kyle! Please God help him, before he destroys my inner peace.

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