prayers for my son

by Mom (USA)

Dear Lord and our savior Jesus Christ,

I beg and plead to bless for a miracle blessing for my son. He is working hard to get in medical school. Please bless for courage, desire, strength all that is needed including science GPA for him to write entrance exams in June this year. Please bless with miracle grades and miracle requirements for him to get into the medical school he desires to in the fall of his grad year. Lord rebuke and remove all the hurdles of GAP yr from his life. Lord bless with good health and keep him as he is always in your path. Lord I have spent all my life teaching him your words and keeping him in your path. Please bless with this miracle for him, In jesus name I pray. Also for all the students who aspire to get in medical school, please guide them dear Jesus and bless with this miracle. Please brothers and sisters in Christ, pray together all these months, amen.