Prayers for my son

by Tisha ()

Please pray that my son will let go of anger towards me. My ex-husband, his dad has manipulated my son so that he would turn against me and my family. We invested in a business so my son could build something for his family (my first grandchild). My son, Cade is now convinced to abandon his new business and his new rental home to take the baby and his wife and move away. His dad does not care that they will have no income or support as long as he hurts me through my son. I’m scared and so sad that Cade is being so destructive. He suffered a brain injury and is very susceptible to his dads manipulation. I please for prayers of protection and Godly guidance for Cade. I ask that all evil entities by cast out and that he may be filled with Christs Spirit. His dad is not well and not a good influence. There’s too much hate and anger and there’s no reason at all. This is a time to rejoice in Gods blessings. Cade has a beautiful baby and wonderful wife. Our family has surrounded him with love and he’s pushing us away because he’s being told he’ll fail and his store was a bad idea. It was his dream to own it and he’s quitting before he ever begins. He is not seeing the long term repercussions of these decisions. Please pray for Gods will and peace, love and kindness. Thank you.

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