Prayers for my Mom

Dear Lord, You know what I seek before I even seek it. Please grant my mom a miracle. She has stage 4 lung and bone cancer yet seems to be in extremely good health. The bone cancer is in her spine and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The pain is so excruciating that she forgets to eat or drink. They tell us it’s not the cancer that will take her but the pain and the problems it causes her. My mom has always believed and gives a lot in return. She sponsors children to ensure them food and education, she donates lots of items from her business to cloth the needy, she gives of her time to help support local charities, is a huge supporter of her church, continues her education in the study of the bible, and has always been there for all of her family.

God she still wishes to continue supporting these causes but the pain is preventing her from leaving her home.. Please heal her so she may continue to serve you and be here for her family.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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