Prayers for my mentally ill nephew.


Please pray for my mentally ill nephew who is currently incarcerated for contempt of court. He contacted his ex after he was told not to but could call his daughter’s cell phone. He called his ex after his 10 yr. old daughter never answered her phone.

I know he did wrong but the voices he says he hears in his head keeps telling him his daughter is being sexually abused. I know that this is not true but he believes it. He refuses any mental help & believes there’s nothing wrong with him. After spending countless money on attorneys the Judge will not have him committed to a Mental Hosp. unless he hurts himself or someone else. I am very worried about his mental state while in jail.

Please pray that we can get him into a Mental Hosp. & get him the help he needs before he sinks farther into his illness & we never get him back.

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  1. Praying

    I am praying for your nephew. He is typical of a person with a mental illness, they never think there is anything wrong.

    God I ask that you will open a door of help to provide treatment for his illness, may he be willing to seek proper help. I am also praying that he will experience Divine Protection while incarcerated and that you will open the eyes of the authorities to the seriousness of his condition. Thank you for your grace and mercy to your children. In Jesus name AMEN.

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