Prayers for my marriage to overcome

by Lana (Kentucky)

Please pray for my husband and me! We have been married for 7 1/2 years. We have been through a lot with my son, Adam that has Down syndrome and has had lots of medical issues throughout. My husband has been with me through this. It was hard to blend our families, he has 3 kids.

However, in the past few months things have been unbearable. He has been having an affair and is going through a midlife crises. He doesn’t know if he even wants to stay married. I still love my husband and want overcome this. Please pray that we can do that! I know that God is capable of whatever his plan is. I also pray that this will be done soon. I know God has his own time table but I’m falling apart.

I have faith that God will take care of me. However, with my son’s medical issues and my dad’s alzheimer’s and now my marriage falling apart I need prayers!
Thank you so much for taking time to pray for us!

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