Prayers for my marriage to be restored

by Steph (SC)

Please pray for my marriage!! My husband of 4 years is fighting past demons that cause him to make choices that go against our marriage and the Word of God! His mom, sister, and 3 grown girls have come against us so many times and my husband allows them to dictate his life…and control him-someone suggested that he has the Ahab spirit and these VERY domineering women have the spirit of Jezebel. My husband is battling a secret he was forced to keep as a child AND NOW ….he was abused by his pastor as a child for a LONG time and because he cannot accept it happened, he cannot get help. Please pray for us! It has been 6 months now. He needs healing from the abuse, pornography, alcohol, and we need the control his family has on him to be cut! It is not the first time he did this to me so finding others to join me in prayer is hard…but I believe God loves him as much as he loves me! I forgive him but want him healed and our marriage restored to what God meant for it! I love this man and I know that God is FOR our marriage!

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