Prayers for my life

by Mrs Janaki Alex Santhana (God Heart)

Dear Mother, Queen of the heaven, Mother of god, peace of world.

Thank you for answering my prayers, Please shower holy water to my beloved one Alex Santhana n Me for our relationship will stay longer. I seek for your mercy and blessing that may you allow us to spend the rest of our life with together as a husband and wife. Make us to remind the first love that grow between us, where ever we go please remind each of us in our mind and heart to stay longer. Make Alex realize my true love’ please forgive n remove all our sin. make us to be your child’ that could life in your order of love, whatever happen dun make alex to avoid me, humility me in front of his family members. May all his family member will love me more than deserve, Alex is all to me , please make us to be one family….

Please bless all my family, friend, people who love me and i meet in my life journey , all your child in this world. I pray for all human being their love, peace, finance problem, will be end. and shower them with your love. I Pray in the Jesus Holy name !! Amen ‘

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