Prayers for my husband to live against pancreatic cancer, strength and guidance

by Rosa (Zamboanga City, Philippines)

Lord thank you for all the graces and blessing that i have received from you, forgive me for all of my sins , i believe that you are the most high God, the owner of our life and of this universe, giver of all good things, forgiving and merciful God, Lord i pray to you to please help me in my current situation which i cannot bear anymore the worries, stress,depression, fear and anxiety. I need you Lord in my life, , you are my personal savior, everything is possible in you, Lord please provide us solution in all of our problems i am facing now, you know what i am now experiencing in my life, Please guide and give strength Lord, teach me on what to do, provide us in all our needs, Please give us Lord the peace of mind and contentment, All this Lord i ask according to your will and for the glory and honor in Jesus name amen.

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