prayers for my husband and i to have our baby

by Sophi (Waretown,Newjersey,USA)

We have been threw fertility doctors on my last dose of clomid with being lateof two months of period negative prpregnancy tests we have been trying for 11 years every month my heart aches seeing good and the bad having babies and every month thinking what we are going to tell the family my hopes are there then a big disappointment I heard on a local religeous radio station a women making her speech and singing this if your a terrible singer like myself do it alone and sing why not me oh lord please don’t pass me by I just read jean Warners book GODS FERTILTY CLINIC I read it from front to back in one night couldn’tput it down well I’m not pregnant yet but he will bless us all lots of baby dust to you and gods blessings amen

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  1. God Bless

    I know that what your going through may seem like theres no hope, but I promise you EVERYTHING happens according to God’s will. I knew someone who had suffered with the same problem, but in the end God finally blessed her with not one but 2 beautiful children. She prayed and remained faithful, and God blessed her. Just please keep having faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, Jesus was able to heal blind and walk on water, so believe me He will definitely provide you with the perfect family.

    In Jesus Name I Pray,


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