Prayers For My Friends

Dear Lord, Please help my friends, Trish, Janet and my friend, Kay’s husband to be healed or feel much better than they are now. I pray each and everyone who are facing daily trials of being able to do things for themselves become much easiler for them. Please help them, Lord.

Please take care of my new love so he will have no more health related problems if he has any. I pray we have a long and prosperous life together.

Please take care of my mom so she can feel better and help my brother David manage her affairs. Please keep him healthy enough to be able to take care of her needs financially, as well.

Please help my friend, Cindy so she can make the right decisions in her life and not keep a person in her life who is doing nothing but, draining her finacially and creating stress for her. Please help her bi-polar depression. She is in really bad shape whether she knows it or not.

I pray that you help all who are sick and in grief or despressed so they may get better each day.

I pray this prayer to you without being selfish and thinking of my needs and only thinking about the needs of others. For I pray this prayer in your name, Jesus Christ. AMEN

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