Prayers for my Forgiveness and Miracles

by Aldomeng (Philippines)

Dear God, Here I am your son, please forgive me for my sins. Sorry, if i do not give important your sacrifices for our sins. now, i’m your sinners son here in Earths. Please Almighty God, forgive me and i know what happening now to me is the payment of my sins. Please save my soul for last time… dying at your age is my destiny. please accept me in your paradise. … please GOD. Forgive me. Sorry, i forget your words and sacrifices,.. now, i knew why im suffering now. Please give me another chance to live and start a new life. a life that need your healing and miracles. I’m really sorry Jesus Christ. Oh, i thank you every seconds of my life now.. Almighty Father, please forgive and heal me with your miracles. please GOD…

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