Prayers for my family

by Greta (Lulling, Louisiana)

I have three adorable daughters although I for her. Ineed God’s blessings. My oldest daughter is lost in experimenting with drugs. She suffers from depression and is a single mom with two boys. She doesn’t go to church and neither does her children. She is so lonely being alone. She has a hard time taking my advice although I feel I do not have the proper advice. I ask God to help her with her trials she if facing. Please help her find her way back to her family. Release the demons of depression and bring back the mother her boys need. I ask that God sheds his blood and protect and guide my 2 grandson

My middle daughter needs God’s blessing in allowing her to get pregnant. She has tried everything and nothing is working. Relieve their pain thru their journey and lastly I ask God to help me deal with my anxiety. Help me to handle the problems in my life with patience and to choose the right words to tell my children.