Prayers for my family

by Debory (Dubai UAE)

Our most gracious father, blessed my family, give them a strength, to worship you, Lord blessed us in my family, as we are going through in trouble which we never aspect from my dad, why is that in family one person did mistake we take a pained, stress, sick.

Lord I pray for my mom and dad blessed them with good health, give a life more, make them strong, when they walk in the society give them a power to spread your word, and also lord I pray for my sis and brothers washed them with your blood, healed them with their needs, open their eyes, and blessed them in every steps, blessed them to become someone in the future so that they can make my parents proud, give them a life to live longer, in the family I am the elder one give me a strength, I am far away from my hometown,familys,relative,friends, lord blessed me in my career to go further, lord guide me wherever I am and guide my family wherever they are, lord blessed us in every what we needs, give us peace in our family, in Jesus name I pray Amen

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