Prayers for my Family

I pray for a few things:

1. For my husband who needs that great job we have been waiting for. (3 1/2yrs now)
2. For my niece. She, her mother & for sibblings all moved in with Her mother’s sister. Sky’s aunt does witchcraft & has been living with her for months now. Since living with her my niece has changed. She now no longer wants to speak with her father, be with me or my children. She stand away like she is scared of us. She use to say things that her mother would do but now she will not say anything that happens to her. Nor will she mention anyone that she lives with. Her parents in always fight & calling CPS on each other.
3. That my children will succeed & excel in homeschool.
4. That I will lose inches & pounds & keep them off. My health is not so well & losing all this excess will help improve it.
5.I pray for our own home & that we will never lose it again nor will my husband lose his job again.
I ask this through Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

Thank you in advance my Lord Jesus.