Prayers for My Daughter’s Emotional and Physical Health

by Karrie (Texas)

My 30 year old daughter has been going thru all kinds of troubles since she was 15. She was raped then and after her life was full of drugs and men that abused her like she witnessed her father do to me and reign terror on the household.

So she finally has found a great guy, who is so good to her and she is having a very hard time trusting him and accepting his goodness.

Now she finds out she has to go and be checked for what doctor has said was a ‘very severe’ abnormal pap smear. Just when things start going better, now this, She is scared out of her mind right now and not just because of the tests results, that her boyfriend will leave her because of it.

She is (was) so trusting of the men in her life and is a social worker who wants to help people and now she needs help in so many ways. I can only do so much. I ask you to pray for her to regain the self-esteem that she had and heal her mind and body of whatever this is.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Thank you for your prayers for my precious daughter. She deserves to be better.

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