Prayers for my daughter to pass her final semester exams in nursing school

Please pray for my daughter Lindsey, that she will pass her 3 exams next week in nursing school! She has worked so very hard. She studies all the time, yet can’t seem to do well on her exams. She will make a wonderful nurse. She is a compassionate, warm, loving person.

She was born with a facial birth defect and knows what it’s like to be in the hospital many times for many surgeries. That’s why she wants to be a pediatric nurse. Please pray for her to know the answers to her 3 upcoming exams. She needs all the prayers she can get. I am forever grateful! AMEN

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  1. Please pray for my daughter to pass nursing school tests

    Dear God please pray for my daughter ( Melissa) to pass her tests in nursing school. She struggles with the tests but does phenomenal in her clinicals. I know she will make a fabulous nurse with her caring/compassionate nature. She is currently in her 2nd semester and has 4 to go including this one.
    I pray she passes all semesters and graduates on schedule time May 2016
    In Jesus name I pray Amen.


  2. Pass exams

    Dear Lord
    I am praying that you help me to keep my faith and place positivity within me to continue with this semester in my nursing program i have been struggling to pass my exams even though I know the material. Please be with me during the tests and give me the security to do well enough to graduate as this is my final semester. Please dearLord.
    In your name I pray

  3. Please Pray for my daughter Kaitlyn

    Please pray for my daughter Kaitlyn Jesus she has worked hard and the large test are so hard for her . She will make such a great nurse, She is has compassion, gives so much to her patients Please hear my prayer Lord Jesus

  4. Bre

    Please Help me pray for my daughter Bre as she completes her last rotations and last year of nursing school. I am sooo proud of her and her will to stay strong and be diligent. I know it’s been a long road and she has worked so hard. If it is God’s will – let it be done. I pray that God continues to shield her from any negative intent and covers her with his love. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

  5. Prayer for allmy fellow classmates and self.

    God I pary for the ability to recall information, to critically think while taking all exams to come in this final semester. I pray for wisdom for all of my class and myself, to make it to pinning. In your name all is possible.

    Amen 🙏🏽

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