Prayers for my Children and Sick Loved Ones

by Siham (Jordan)

Our father, by Jesus name, help me ( as a mother) to continue guiding my family towards your love, guide me by your holy spirit what to do, where to go, and how to do or deal with the things,facing me ,I need good people to rent the apartments I have ‘,so ican live peacefully with no need financially, help me to return the rental charges people refused or escape to give them back to me,stores r left after the death of my beloved husband ,need. Good people to rent them (most they left without paying) help me to deal with my Heath issues in the suitable time with no obstacles, Remove any materialistic obstacles so we increase our intentions on how glorious you are, especially in those joyful days, your risen from the death, rise us from the sins ,help us live to be worthy of your promises. Cancer cases are waiting for your medicine , your cure, your healing, guide doctors ,researchers, to find your ways of curing, Mary ,our immaculate mother, guide people as you guide in Cana wedding, help them taste your love as they taste the wine in the wedding, and much and much of your mercies and miracles ,pray for us our mother with your intercession and the companions of the saints and the guidance of the holy spirit Amen.