Prayers for my children and I

by Iris (U.S.)

Lord, You are almighty and powerful! You are our all in all!! I come to You today to put a hedge of protection around my children. You know everything that they are goimg through right now. I pray for both of my boys as they are nearing the end of the shool year.

I pray for much success for them so that they may be well prepared for the next level in the next school year. I pray for my daughter as she travels around for her job. Please keep her safe. I also pray that she continues on to be successful in her career. Lord, I also pray for the personal circumstance that we have been faced with.

Please guide us, whatever the outcome may be. Finally, I come to you for guidance and victory in my job search. I love you,Lord, and I know that through You ALL things are possible. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!!