Prayers for my broken marriage

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Please pray for my broken marriage to be whole again and for the other women to leave my husband for good and find happiness elsewhere. I have been married to my husband for 25 years. We have 4 children 24, 23, 19, and 14. Also 2 grandchildren 3 and 1. He has been living double lives for the past 8 years with the same girl that is 16 years yours than us. He goes back and forth sometimes multiple weeks away, with no contact with his family. She is a severe alcoholic, which he has picked up the habit as well. I am so lonely and lost. I’ve tried to stay hoping things would change. I’ve been faithful and strong but the depression has been getting worse. I just lost my job of 16 years because it got so bad. I’ve spent all holidays alone the past couple years. I raise his 14 year old daughter like she’s my own but I know it’s effecting her as well. He cheated with another women and got her pregnant 14 years ago and I excepted her daughter as my own. If it wasn’t for me, she would have no one. I feel like she thinks it’s her fault that neither of her father or biological mother care for her. Please pray for him to realize what he is doing to his family, his alcoholism, our depression and bring our marriage back together again. I still love him with all my heart I just don’t want us to suffer anymore. Please pray the other girl will stop harassing him and let him go once and for all. After losing my job, I am struggling to pay our bills and he always gets frustrated saying he won’t help because the other girls takes every penny he earns and he supports her and her 2 children by different men. I have paid everything the past few years until I recently lost my job and I need his help while searching for a new job. Please Lord help our marriage In Jesus name Amen

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