Prayers for my beautiful babies

I ask God to touch my beautiful son, who has autism. I know he gets overwhelmed with so much therapy. I know he has so much on his mind that he wants to say, but can’t. There is nothing I want more, than to just sit and talk to my son. I ask you God to please Lord touch his his eyes to see that he can do all things through you. You are our strength. Open his mouth and put the words in…help him to not only get on the level of his peers, but achieve more than anyone ever thought he could! He’s so amazing! He’s so beautiful and oh so sweet! Help me to deal with it. I get so weary…sometimes I lose hold as I sit in fear thinking about his future…but I know who holds the future…i don’t know why I worry, I’m only human…help me to hold on to faith and not fear..

Touch my little princess…please heal her eyes…so that we don’t need any more surgeries…touch her heart and mind. Help me to understand her anger. Help her to be delivered from it. She’s such a smart little girl. Please help her to you it for good and not evil. Help her to not grow up so fast. Help her to stop acting out. Bring their father back into our lives, as the strong man, patient, understanding man that we so desperately need. I know your will shall be done Father….so I thank you in advance.

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